Ryan William Osbourn is a TV/Film actor, writer, comedian, and competitive ballroom dancer based in Atlanta, GA. Ryan was introduced to acting when he was 16 at Covenant Day High School (Charlotte, NC) after being cast as Inspector Clouseau in “The Pink Panther” for his school’s spring production. From there, he went on to compete in several student theatre competitions/conferences across the south east region and star in a handful of productions; alongside winning actor of the year at his high school two years in a row.

After a historic high school senior season in track & field ladened with breaking school records, qualifying for the state championship, and leading his school to their first ever conference championship win, Ryan went on to sign with the NCAA Division I Saint Louis University track & field team as a 100/200 meter sprinter and pursued a degree in business administration.

During this time, Ryan kept his motor running by joining the improv club at SLU where he performed in several short-form improv and stand-up comedy shows, including once being the opening act in a show for Vanessa Bayer of Saturday Night Live. By the time he was a college senior, Ryan had become a short-form improv instructor and was elected by the members of the club to the executive board.

After undergrad, Ryan went on to pursue a career in Finance by attaining his MBA and Masters of Finance at Auburn University. Upon graduation with both degrees, Ryan received an offer to be a finance consultant for one of the prestigious “Big 4” accounting firms in his hometown of Charlotte, NC.

After a few years in Corporate America, Ryan stepped away from his finance career to launch his career in TV/Film. This resulted in a pivotal, strategic move to Atlanta, GA and signing on with the People Store Talent Agency.

Ryan has trained at several acting studios throughout Atlanta while leaning into his comedic chops by performing in stand-up comedy shows across the city as well. Ryan also competed in his first national ballroom dance competition during the summer of 2023 and won first place in all of his scholarship and championship heats.

Outside of the arts, Ryan lives an active and healthy lifestyle while prioritizing his family, friends, and mental health.

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