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Ryan William Osbourn (born May 22, 1994 in St. Louis, Missouri) is a TV/Film actor from Charlotte, North Carolina. Ryan fell in love with acting in 2010 after booking two male lead roles for two different theatre productions (most notably, Inspector Clouseau in "The Pink Panther") when he was 16 years old. He then went on to compete in several local and regional acting competitions in the southeast (most notably, winning 2nd place in Duo Theatre at the CITA Secondary Theatre Festival) and won "Actor of the Year" at his high school two years in a row. Ryan took a brief hiatus from acting to pursue being a NCAA Division I track athlete at Saint Louis University, but kept his motor running during that time by joining the improv group "League of Laughter" (most notably, opening for Vanessa Bayer of "Saturday Night Live"), eventually being voted onto the executive board of the group and becoming an instructor as well. After college and graduate school concluded, Ryan resumed his acting training in February, 2021 at premier acting school "The Actor's Lab" located in Charlotte, North Carolina (also with locations in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and Portland). Ryan then went on to sign with Fast Lane Talent Agency in September, 2021. Since becoming a working actor, Ryan has immersed himself in the TV/Film industry through various roles and has been a part of several independent projects while continuing to master his craft. When Ryan isn't acting, writing, or creating, you can find him spending time prioritizing his physical fitness, mental health, and investing in his family/friends/community.

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